no regrets after

It’s funny how every year, or more specifically about the time of New Year I end up laying on a bathroom floor. I feel almost like the heroine of Eat, Pray, Love, only that I do not pray and I haven’t spent my year recolonizing three different continents. Anyway. Let it be back pain, soul pain or a bad time for swiping the surface. I swear to God, if next year I don’t end up there with a hottie or covered with blood, it’s gonna be a truly wasted year.

Since I tend to keep promises I am struggling [for quite a some time now] with writing a sum-up note for 2013. For my bad luck, sadly I do not have many photos of the last year, but let’s say it was not done on purpose and let’s try to sum up the last year with a little help of my friend, aka the previous blog.

Here, I need to say, the amount of time I’ve spent reading the last year archive is proportional to how dull and naive it might seem.

Wintertime: As far as I can see, my year did not start much nice, in comparison to this one. Okay, maybe this has to reevaluate “some issues” with the term “great beginnings” but at least my phone is not dying. Also, winter means first winter exams session at my Uni… which I failed at some point, but let it be the 1st year tradition. The alteration to brand new standards was hard enough.

However my best memory of that time is to fall asleep on a free day afternoon being the most happy of a fact that I do not need to learn till 1AM at that day (as it used to be at the college). Also, in winter together with my personal Will we attended an uncle Slash’s concert and it was TOTALLY AWESOME. 10/10 would recommend. Losing glasses and a temporary blindness was worth every inch of this experience.

This is uncle Slash materializing his awe above our heads… or sth very similar.

Spring: In spring I’ve discovered two things. First of all, when there are Students’ Days one does not have to learn. At all. Shock desu. Don’t mind me wrong, but this was truly my first real Students’ Days experience without making notes/preparing for tests/learning for exams/etc. Fucking brilliant.

Students parade – you never know how cool is that while studying English. Photo by pućka.

Needless to say, Cracow is quite a nice city in spring, much more green than Silesia and there is a lot to do too. We attended Students’ Festival, Museums’ Night and even made our own spring festival, beginning the Great Tradition Of Spring Festivals with eating bento, watching sakura on the not-so-big screen and other cool stuff.

We really had all of those.

Furthermore, I think that in spring I finally said “fuck everything” and started writing. Like, really, writing, planning, sketching, connecting the dots of plots and other rhymes. No shit. (I still should finish that play I’ve started then…). I think it went slightly in pair with me discovering the beauty of various Internet fandoms and such fabulous works of popculture as nbc’s Hannibal.

Summer: I wish I had what they call a “best summer EVR” but I guess in my case it was more like “the most OKiest summer evr”. After a lot of frustration connected with summer exams and job searching, I spent the most of it at home with a pile of books and a vast supply of iced coffee. I was reading everything: fiction, non-fiction, creative writing stuff, biographies, literary critique, feminism, classics, EVERYTHING. I remember I’ve even inaugurated this season with reading Tortilla Flat and later gave it to my mom to read and then we could fangirl together because omg Steinbeck! Then I recall reading Thomas Harris and finding myself totally charmed and floated by feels. I could sit with my dad’s tablet for hours and when the battery was dying I was switching to my phone only because I had to know what will happen with the story!

Summer was also a little bit harder than previous months because even though I get a job I wasn’t yet paid, but things found its way out after all.

Also, I am glad of finding some time for painting

I think going out helped a little. I mean of course, after cursing the fate in the name of geek sanity for not being able to attend the biggest comic show worldwide, I’ve attended a very sparkling anime convention in my nearest town and also in Cracow. I have to say I wasn’t very sure about this, especially the second one, because I didn’t rly have money and didn’t even feel like meeting ppl at that time, but no regrets after. It was fun: I met my old friends, found some new friends, gave a good speech about cooking and felt kinda satisfied.

Also, summer made me quite sure about what I want to do in the future the most, that is writing. In addition to that I understood how hard is this thing and why I hate nanowrimo :P. I appreciate a lot of practice and fun I had with my writing community. Oh I wish we had some time for a meeting again.

You never know how useful such pics are unless you need them on every wall of your room.

Fall: I’ve finally started working then. It was hard to organize myself but I guess I found my way unexpectedly quickly. Somehow the job so far didn’t change my mind on teaching, but if college years did not harm my concept than nothing can.

Fall again was the time of festivals, like the Movies’ Music Festival and our AGAIN own festival of fall. We were making kimchi, telling fortune, eating good foodie and watching old anime openings. It was really fun and we should do it again this year. I only feel bad that we did not make a fall madder with Jo Kwon’s face on it, but after all the winter turned out mild so far, so I guess just the fortunetelling together with some korean dishes  were enough.

Damn, we are good fannibals-dinner hosts.

Coming back to Uni did not really answered my doubts about academics, learning and other education shit, but I guess it’s a material for some other note. I can say the thing I am most proud about so far is taking up some MOOCs, which turned out not so stupid or dull and are indeed very educational, in contrary to what one may read in several publications about them.

In Fall we made our first own wine at home. It was fun and I wish I had more time to read about wine making but I promise I will read at least a little abut wines more often from now on. At least I will try. It is worth of my attention.

I finish the story of Fall with the first Christmas convention, which was not crowned with first snow, as it was in former years. I mean, hell yeah, I hate winter. The convention was great and it was again very nice to meet my friends, spend some money on geek gadgets and do some crazy things like taking part in karaoke competition, explore what this whole bubble tea craze means, rediscovering the bless of DDR and learning to play some new kind of a music game, which name I do not remember.

Back to the future

So I am here now. 2014 all the freaking way. I hope this year, like every other year, I am gonna do my achievements well and work hard. I have some NY plans but I guess I’m gonna leave it for the next note. Hopefully I am not gonna spoil any of them till then.


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