so sorry mr faulkner

I can never understand why a day is only 24h, really. I want to do so many things daily that I chronically lack hours and, not to mention, energy. I don’t want to admit I got lazier with time but I rly do not feel like sitting at 3am and doing school stuff, just because I have to. Maybe it’s just getting older shit.


I promised to write about my New Year resolutions last time, if I keep them till the time of writing this entry, so here it goes. First of all, I want to keep up yoga, because, hell, my joints creak. No tension, you know, I am not any kind of sportswoman. I don’t think I could do jogging, because of my joints so I need to start small steps. So today I am at 6th day of my “Yoga Daily” challenge. Yes, it’s 6th day BECAUSE TIME. Duh. Anyway, today I’ve stretched so good that I feel every muscle in my body I did not now it existed and sneezing hurts.

The other resolution is, I really want to finish my novel. I feel oh so very capable of this as I never was. Of course I want to write The Play too (let’s just call it with capital letters, we all know what I’m talking about), but I feel good with the genre I got so much engaged into and the closest I am to printing out the first 4 chapters, the more intrigued and frightened I become.

My NY resolution is also to read more books and I think I’ve started well. My eyes have got already broken by Bradshaw, Quick, Miller, Dolnick and some more, not to mention all the economy books I’m reading for my thesis. Currently my eyes are struggling with Faulkner’s Light In August, but so far I can’t help but falling asleep while reading. I am so sorry Mr Faulkner. I love this book even more with the fact that it makes me sleep like a baby.

I think I should write the next entry on the books I’ve read so far. Ha.

Also, I want to get myself together this year. I know it’s not a process that may take up such a little time, but I am already tired with the fact that I suppress so many feels inside and they tend to either tangle my life plans, leaving me totally reckless and confused, or they string my own mind palace’s pillars, so a good needle could break it totally. Maybe admitting to my own weaknesses is well done for a first step? And I know there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little tired with oneself but, trust me, this got too far already, and I don’t think it makes me who I am anymore.

I hope this does not collide with my other resolution that is to be as much fabulous as Thranduil or at least close.

I guess that means I need to be thousands years old and immmortal. Can do.

But I think the most important of all is that I want to keep challenging myself. I guess I always say that this year I will kick my ass even harder then before but when I think about this, it’s not much about trying to overwork yourself but more like improving, doing harder things better and changing for better as well. It is a nostalgic crap, I know, but I must keep challenging, because what is the point of waking up every day otherwise? And maybe I am 110% naive with that but I want to keep investing with myself and trying things for the first time, like I used to do in 2013, but also I want to include many new elements in my life story, just to keep fine with myself as I slowly approach the first quarter of my age.

Now, only something over few thousands to reach Thranduil goal, yeah!


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