Sleeping Beauty – flash fiction challenge

I took part in Chuck Wendig’s weekly challenge. This week it was flash fiction remix of fairy tales. It’s still up till January 31st, so feel free to get involved as well! I’ve chosen Sleeping Beauty for my story and a random sub-genre I chose was space opera. Have fun reading.


The outer space was horribly noisy that day. A looping whir of ventilation felt like a drill forcing its way deep into Sam’s forehead. It seemed to her that every slam of a pressure door on this spacecraft and all of the other nonsense sounds have been finding its way into her acoustic nerves. Sam could swear she even heard her eyes blinking, as she was getting out of the bed.

It was a cosmic hell of a hangover.

On her way to a bathroom component, Sam noticed a few green bottles lying on the floor. She crawled across the room and grabbed one of them. It smelled sweet like coffee and fresh like lemons. The bottle was not labeled but The Professor said it was the finest beverage he knew from his home planet and no man had ever drank more than five glasses. Thankfully, Sam was no man.

Stupid piece of space trash, whose snifter was left so clean on a table, did not expect for a woman to be a better drinker. Paltry scientist’s ego must have sank lower than the craters of Calypso-001.  The Professor hasn’t seen it coming. Astronomy is useless when it comes to drinking in space.

The engine meter on Sam’s digital watch suddenly displayed a blue alert.

“Just keep a low speed and try to hold the distance, kiddo.”

“I have been flying such cuties when you were still a bunch of cells in your momma’s womb.”

The pilot hauled space speed shifts. His hands were way too short to reach the gravity scale component above the cockpit, so he grabbed a lance and pulled the meter down.

“We cannot go any further than that or else the whole gravity system will turn the ship into a piece of tech shit, us included.”

The Professor wanted to adjust his glasses to record the position when he was pulled by the arm and stroke in the left side of a jaw, as he turned around. He fell on a cabin’s floor. After all, there was an action he hasn’t predicted in great details.

“You lousy prick!”

Sam screamed furiously as her voice echoed in her own skull.

“And you!” she said, pointing her trembling finger at the pilot. “You will both choke in the vacuum of space!”

“I thought you would aim for the perineum, Captain. Statistically, most of the human women confronting their violator choses the bottoms for the stroke.”

The Professor wanted to take off a pad protecting his genitals but Sam blocked him with a heel of her boot.

“I am not finished yet.”

Space Positioning System brightened with a yellow alert. The destination was close.

“Captain, you smell like a space hitchhiker. Have you had a shower?” the pilot asked, before Sam sent him a sodden but sinister stare.

“Apple, haven’t I gave you a clear order not to veer off course?”

Jedidiah Apple smiled and rubbed his crop of white hair.

“I’m sorry Captain, he paid extra.”

The SPS’s display printed out the final alert. The view of a huge cloud of dark star dust was breathtaking, but it was the electric charge scanning report, which made Professor happy like a bird with a French fry.

Sam stared at the magnificent cloud, which was supposed to be a haze of original waste material from the Big Bang, at least according to the Professor’s theory.

“Here comes the Princess.” He grinned broadly.

Click, went a static gun. Professor felt a cold of a steel aimed at the back of his head. He raised both his hands slowly, lowering his head, still sticking this wide smile of him to his face.

“Whatever is your plan now I do not give you my permission, Prof.”

“I do not need it.” He answered “This is my final bus stop.”

Apple loaded a cargo of food and water into a space shuttle. Captain Sam observed Professor struggling with his discharge rifles. Her glass of sobering up martini drink was almost empty.

“I know you think it’s crazy, Captain, but, oh please, do not worry about me.”

“You do not know what I think, pal. Also, I don’t worry a piece of space shit about you.”

Professor sighted. Sam was still pointing a static gun at him.

“Yeah, you and your petite ship do not owe anything to the Earth after all, am I right?”

A loud shot burnt a stain in the floor right next to his left foot.

“You, Earth warms.” She sneered. “You think that your dark matter can raise your planet from the dead? Shouldn’t have put it in coma in advance. We told you not to play with city gas, but you had to get your finger stabbed with a spindle. Good luck then, Jesus. I am not part of your funny Lazarus tale. Not anymore.”

“The shuttle is ready to fly.” Jedidiah reported  after assuring that the storage lid was closed tight.

Interludium-0-1-0-2, you have a permission to leave the dock, now. The gates opened after the lights of pressure level went white.

The shuttle was coming closer to the cloud. Professor double checked his notes. According to his calculation the extraction of the matter should have taken around two hours after launching the discharging rockets. They were programmed to gather a condensed matter from the dust. After scanning the arms he played his favorite song of Cuff The Duke and shot the missiles.

“Set the ship to the previous track, Apple.” Captain Sam ordered to her pilot after fastening the belts in her co-pilot seat. “Hope your extra money will pay for the delay of the cargo.”

Connection display of the cockpit indicated a signal of coming call.

“We have a message, Cap.”

The display screened a short message.

I’ve woken her up. Prof.

A projection attached showed a close up of a district-like planet and Professor’s ever-smiling face.  It was the first dawn documented at the new planet. A New Sun has just risen at Aurora-1.



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