highly distracted

After a week or two of not keeping the schedule of entries writing, here comes a winter break. We are going to party hard! We, I mean, me and my best buddy, the cold. And by party I mean, use all the tissues and do drugs, like calcium, aspirin and acetaminophen. Yeah. Am I excited?

Yesh, yesh.

The most annoying thing is neither the feeling of thousands of tiny ADHD nose trolls, which are constantly attacking my sinuses, nor running nose and eyes*, but the realisation that I do know my job, and I do take care about wearing warm clothes and always wearing a cap and a scarf, though, still it is not enough. The best explanation I came with so far: the weather should move its lazy ass and decide on whether it want to be freaking cold Winter time or charming fucking Spring.

But enough about the weather.

I try to use my sick days as a good excuse for some lazy time.  I am aware of that I could spend it better, like meeting my friends or working on my thesis/stories. So far, I’ve celebrated it with reading John Green’s “Paper Towns” – and yes, I had some other titles on my mind before, but I’ve realized I never read this one and found this reasoning fair enough. Also, to my surprise, it turns out that even TFIOS got translated to my mother tongue – it’s a good news that my non-English speaking family members and friends can read more contemporary authors now.

On my reading list I still have “Orange Is The New Black”, Bradshaw’s “Cat Sense” and Jonasson’s “100-year-old Man…” (which, btw, my mom started reading already and I’m not even in the middle, gah), but, to tell the truth, I am getting highly distracted by the fact that I got a key for Elder Scrolls Online’s beta. I am a huge fan of Elder Scrolls series and I fell in love so badly with Skyrim that a fact of getting the beta key made me gasp and roll on my carpet 100 times. I spent almost two days on downloading the game files and yesterday I’ve finally got my hands on it. Needless to say, I am charmed by Khajiits, that is a cat-looking race, since I didn’t play with them in Skyrim and I always wanted to, but, you know, there was enough to do with my main hero, so I didn’t change the race or class through the gameplay. So here I have those pretty, handsome Khajiits who are so cool and even have cats on streets of their city. I am enthralled, but, to tell the truth, I don’t think I will pay over 200 PLN for the game, even though it works pretty well on my PC, which is not a gaming kind of hardware and it gives a pretty impressive look with the lowest graphics.

One may think that while being sick I am mostly annoyed and unimpressed, but there are some positive sides of this week. First of all, I went drinking with my uni pals (that was besides I caught cold) and I’ve tried the best beer ever, that tastes like wine, and, of which, of course (!)  I do not remember the brand. Though, maybe it’s good for me, since it was terribly expensive. I even got it in a fancy wine-glass-like beer glass. My brain exploded and fell apart into thousands of little winy unicorns, it was that good. Let’s face the facts, I do not go to pubs or bars every second day or even every week, so it was nice to spend some time in a beautiful place with a good funny companion along.

Besides, my fav Korean pop singer released her new album this week, and even though I discovered it today I feel amazed from head to toes, tingles included. Gain has always been crossing some frontiers for me, musically and culturally, crashing the borders in high heels and with a gorgeous smile. I am getting really excited each and every time she produces a new song, because, hell yeah, that’s Son Gain we are talking about after all! Sometimes I wonder if my stories does not lack a character like Gain, but so far I couldn’t reach her with my imagination – I guess, with this new album I can see it more clearly now.

When I think of it now, maybe this will make me more motivated to write now. New discoveries are always a good motivation, are’t they?

I hope so.

Neh, must be.

*Where does this whole water even comes from?! I could water my flowers with that.


7 thoughts on “highly distracted

  1. Chociaż nie lubię gier online to zazdroszczę Elder Scrolls *___* [w ogóle jestem na strasznym głodzie gier ostatnio więc zazdraszczam ogólnie XDD].
    Muszę obczaić tę płytę Gain, dzięki za reklamę.

    W ogóle czy mam pisać na tym blogu komenty po ang, czy może zostać polski? 😉

    • Dzisiaj nawet poprawiłam odrobinę grafikę i dociągnęłam do poziomu na jakim chodził mi Skyrim, także jestem zadowolona, no ale jednak raczej tego nie kupię. Chyba, że się bardzo stęsknie za Khajiitami – oni hodują tygrysy, żeby łapały im szczury i oskarżają psy o zagryzanie ich rodzin. Srsly.

      Jak ci wygodniej, możesz nawet po francusku XD. Poprostu merci croissant bonjour, nie pamiętam więcej.

  2. A propo kataru przypomniało mi się z psychologii jak było o temperamentach i bodajże o Hipokratesie który uważał że mózg jest organem chłodzącym organizm a w nosie masz no wydzielinę mózgową XDDDDDD
    A druga refleksja – ja na katar wzięłam Cirrus… nie no jakby ktoś kranik zakręcił… tylko to przyspieszone tętno i bezsenność przez ostatnie dwa dni ==

    • Lol, ten to miał dopiero fazy.

      Nie, tylko nie bezsenność XD. Ja właśnie wzięłam jakieś kropelki mocy i mam nadzieję, że w końcu się wyśpię.

  3. I also bought myself some books to read but keep getting distracted. Get better!

    I’m the worst when it comes to video games, but I love watching game walkthroughs on youtube (I’m that kind of fan <- lame haha) and Skyrim seems awesome. Games are so much more interesting than movies nowadays, story wise. *_*

    • You know, about those books, instead of myself I started flooding my mom with them and now she is all like “Oh my, my child has such a good literary taste.” That’s a magic of John Green.
      Though, I’ve finally started “Orange is The New Black” and I can say it is very nice and one does not feel like watching the series all over again. (or if one did not watch it on Netflix it is rather safe to read first)

      Walkthroughs are cool to watch, especially with horror games :D. Unless it’s Alan Wake, but that was hardly a horror genre.

      • Jees, I didn’t even notice you responded. I suck at this! Lol! I’ve been meaning to watch orange is the new black, because it reminds me of the show oz. Heh heh my dad assumes I’m a huge reader/ rather sophisticated since I collect books. But I’ve yet to actually touch them since college started. *shame shame* I like to treat game walkthroughs as online episodes to a tv series nowadays lol

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