keep over-excited

I did not know February 14th  is a Book Giving Day. Someone please, exchange a book with me. I don’t own many paper books but I tend to keep quite a lot of ebooks, so it’s a format we can switch to. Ebook Valentine’s maybe? aka it’s-not-that-impressive-but-at-least-I-had-some-idea?

I will take this as yes.

To tell you the truth, sometimes I am 17000% done with my “ideas”. Lately I rly do. Do you wanna know what is the true nature of the tile of this blog? My brain is a huge, podgy pinata full of bigger and smaller ideas, the most of which correlate and, therefore, tend to get quite heavy on my head. Also, because they grow and grow, they take up a lot of space and let’s say, even while washing the dishes I am, like, developing lines for an a audio play I am writing, while constructing the second chapter of my thesis and in a while trying to get into the head of some characters from my main projects. I tend to keep all this thinking to myself, on daily basis, that’s why I added the “gentlewoman” part. It’s an act of kindness.

Besides, of course, the fact that I am a ruggedly handsome piece of woman.*

Because I’ve spent quite some time with my mom watching this mini series entitled Top Of The Lake**, one of the ideas occupying my mind nowadays is just to let go. Not “whenever I have free time/holidays” or “after having all things done” but, seriously, now. In my greatest fantasies I spent some quiet time far away and with no baggage attached. Trust me, it doesn’t feel like Spring laziness phase. More like “lie down and watch the flow” mood. Hm. I might either be very sleepy, too sober or getting terribly impractical. Or normal, it can go both ways after all.

The funniest thing with some of the ideas is that once in a while always appears at least one that is like a lightning on the sky. You know that feeling, don’t ya? One just wakes up with this idea and without much thinking is sure what is there to do. This was the case with The Play, of which I cannot find my notes anywhere, gah, and now the same thing happened with the story I am working on right now. However, rich in experience, first thing that I did was to write all the ideas and story construction down and then keep myself over-excited until I could repeat everything to my personal Will. This is an interesting circle I drew myself into, I guess, as long as it works.

Okay, now, pinata, give me some goddamn patience for my uni. I got used to their pace but, srsly, even my sis got her timetable by now, and her college is changing their hours like every 2 weeks. I wish I could just switch hours in my job already but it’s not gonna happen until I got a new table, not to mention, that I want to already put it in my Google Calendar (Thor bless anyone, who made it possible for this uni)  Oh, not to mention that I’m still kinda not sure whenever our exams got scored already? Not that I would be a supporter of Theory of Fail, not at my senior year, but it would be better to know in advance.

Gah, it’s so hard to believe it’s my senior year already. I am really too sober for this.

*I guess a messy mind quite levels it off.

** which is pretty cool, you know, 10/10 would recommend.


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