why do I want to write a play someday

I figured out there are two main reasons:

1) It’s fucking awesome

2) How fucking great would it be to hear your text being read? By actors?

Now, with all due respect, I know that on scale from 1 to 1k I may seem way too naive, but, after getting more or less OK with the fact, that the only thing I was made to is writing, I am like, why not, and, besides,


Plus, it’s only like the very bottom of the reasons on why I shouldn’t do so. Which, btw, are main reasons for why phrase “plays writing”  is so equal to word “fuck”.

First of all, I was not trained in any way in writing scripts. I mean it. This is not what they teach you in English major, though, as far as my major was specialising in teaching, maybe they should? I remember countless situations at which my mom, being a teacher herself, had to do some Christmas show or other shit and who was gonna write those scripts for her, ha? Teachers’ books? They are lame. (informative, but still, repetitive, sorry) Besides, they say RPGs are a great way to learn a language, so, well said theorists, well said, but how do you write a scenario, anyway? No course on that.

Secondly, I know I am not the biggest theatre freak around.  Yes, I enjoy theatre, I do watch plays or listen to them a lot and read hella lot of scripts, for both, TV and theatre. Though, I know people who do this on a daily basis. Like, literally, those, who live because there is theatre, seeing every show and their fav ones even more than once. I don’t want to look like I envy them, so a clear explanation: I just feel like their experience is so much more deeper than mine of just researching the construction and skipping the overall outcome. That is wrong and I should do something with that if I wanna to write a real script someday.

On the top of that, I do lack a theatre theory education. Mind that a brief history of theatre and some more modern plays on literature classes is not enough. Of course, I had to do something with that, as soon as I realised that I lack the tools to make this thing a reality, but even a great amount of books on writing scripts was not the most helpful. I am pretty aware of the fact that I am immune to some crucial details on good storytelling in this form. This fucking sucks.

And one more thing, I probably lack one and good role model on that. Well, there are a few scriptwriters that I adore, but, when I think about that, in contrast to writing prose, I do lack an authority. On the other hand, do I even need one? Fuck this shit, we are living in a 21st Century, who is a right model anyway? [loudly applied postmodernism] Should I even compare this experience to writing novels? I am not even sure it can be comparable to anything. Fuck.

Just finally, even if I do all of that, even if I get my shit together and like, write a one, decent, nice thing, how should I get this thing going? Well, there are a few ideas, like, just convert this into fiction, or make it an audio play. I can see more and more possibilities because of the bless of nowadays technology, and well, I am trying not to foresee the future in too pessimistic way, but I can’t help it. I am trying to keep focus at being the most creative and then, you know what happens? I just say, fuck this ship.

I want to write a play.

I will write it someday and I shall fucking not overthink this anymore.


5 thoughts on “why do I want to write a play someday

  1. I think if you really really want to learn something, you’ll figure it out soon enough. You sound very enthusiastic so that’s a good start! Good thing we live in the age of Google, yeah? haha

    • Hahah, yeah! Indeed, it’s a good thing. I mean, I would never get access to so many books about theatre theory if it was not for Google and other online stuff. That’s nice that I sound like being enthusiastic, since, after I re-read that note I got the notion it also sound like being a little desperate. Not that it’s a bad thing or sth.

  2. Co do teorii teatru – może jakiś kurs online? Jest mniej wygodny niż książki bo trzeba się z nim bardziej zorganizować, ale z drugiej strony masz tam nauczyciela który już od dawna ogarnia co i jak, więc będzie umiał/a przedstawić to zwięźle i jasno. A jak masz podstawy, to już można płynąć łatwo samemu:)

    Ja w każdym razie kibicuję bo masz ciekawe pomysły i dobry styl w literaturze, więc myślę, że jak się uprzesz, to z tym też sobie poradzisz. Chociaż z mojej perspektywy scenariusz teatralny wygląda na dużo trudniejszy, ale może to niechęć do teatru przeze mnie przemawia, nie jestem wielką fanką 😉

    • Zaczełam szukać tych kursów, żeby znaleźć coś o scenariuszach, ale niestety nie trafiłam. Może teraz będzie coś bardziej w te stronę? Dawno nie wchodziłam na bazę mooców.

      Sankju ❤ Jak mi lepiej od razu jak my personal Will we mnie wierzy ❤ Nic tylko pisać i polować. Tzn. pisać. Tak. That's it.

      Btw. do I even spell, poważnie. "(…) Fuck this ship"?? To nie było zamierzone.

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