book meme [1-10]

Without further ado, I borrowed this one from my Personal Will.

30 day book challenge

I don’t plan to post everyday in here so I figured out to divide this meme into some parts. I shall begin with 10 first questions therefore.

01. Best book you read last year.

Silence Of The Lambs.

Sorry readers, I know you’ve seen it coming. It’s just I don’t remember a time when a book got me sitting and eating my nails out before. I must say, it was a very hard choice between this one and Red Dragon. After all, the memories of my parents’ scared faces, after telling them what I am reading for the whole day, won.

I was constantly being scared to death, brought to tears and kept on the edge of a cliff by this one. Battery in my dad’s tablet died twice and I kept losing my sight while trying to read small font of my smartphone’s reader app. I regret none of these. This book was an excellent adventure.

You know, it’s pretty funny, because I don’t think I would read this one without watching NBC’s Hannibal in the beginning. On one hand I just wanted to catch the most references possible on the story from TV series, on the other one I was highly driven by the need to experience what has influenced Bryan Fuller (show’s creator) so badly. Though, I think at some point I’ve exaggerated it.

Beginning with some part I did not feel like I was reading what Hannibal was saying, but what Harris was talking, looking straight through the glass wall, the other side of which there was no Clarice, but me, the reader myself. I felt like being  mindfucked over and over, just by realizing the nature of this feeling.

I can’t even. GAH. So much love & hate feels.

02. A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

I think that must be Master And Margarita.

First, I read it because there was a competition in my high school regarding this one. Later, I read it because I was learning some fragment by heart for another competition.  I used to keep the book from the library, but there was not enough issues, so after I had to give it back I bought a one of my own, so I read it again.

Basically, I used to read it everytime I needed to find myself something to do, i.e. while waiting for a bus or during a long tour.

I got addicted to this one for years going, but how can you not? Everything is so dynamic and engrossing, it’s such a heartbraking decision to leave this book’s world, even for a minute. There is adventure, mystery, passion, supernatural, action, murdering trams and ambiguous characters. Not to mention a struggle of a creator!

You know what? I think I shall read this one again, just in case.

03. Your favorite series

Nikki Heat. I mean, seriously. Maybe I got hooked by a franchise, but, whatever. I fell in love with the first book immediately.

The following ones were pretty cool, though, as my Personal Will lately pointed out, quite of a repetitive plot construction. Still, it’s a fun one night reader. And it’s much better than Storm’s series. I don’t mind, that it’s quite a guided reading, since is one already knows who is it about and how the characters may look like, because you know them from the show. It does leave a lot of place for imagination. And the first part really makes you feel the NY heat on your own skin.


I owe this series too much already. The first time I felt like I want to write a novel was while reading this.

I haven’t read the latest part yet, though. I’ve only heard it’s quite similar to the rest. I guess I’m gonna leave it for some lazy weekend. I miss this series already. I hope getting back to this will make me work harder on my own crime story writing.

04. Favorite book of your favorite series.

So, speaking of Nikki Heat, who doesn’t love Heat Wave? Today my choices are getting so classical, that I almost hear Mozart playing in the background.

But seriously, Heat Wave has everything that you want from a crime story. A badass detective, a love story, accompanied by some OMGYES sex fantasies, a cool murder, a mystery that is fun to solve and a bunch of creepy bad guys. In addition to that, references to hot NY summer weather  are all the time and everywhere. You can really get hot while reading, if you know what I mean.

Besides, the book has such a clear structure that if one is interested in writing crime you can easily observe and explore the pattern. It can get pretty helpful.* However, even though the pattern is quite obvious, one never gets bored on the way. The plot is graceful and  a pleasure to follow. I was hooked from the first paragraph, so that definitely makes this one my favorite of the series. (so far)

05. A book that makes you happy

What makes me really happy in books is just a warm story with honest characters and prose. And this is all I can find in Steinbeck’s Tortilla Flat.

Okay, okay. Hold your horses dear readers. I know. Paisanos. I know. They are drunk almost all the way down the story. But hear me out, Danny and his friends always want to make things right and they are so childishly naive while doing so. Even when they fail, including the most devastating of fails they are capable of, they are heartwarming in their failures. But for the most important part: they enjoy themselves. They enjoy their company and wine, even if a little too much sometimes.

Moreover, everything in this book makes you feel like “whaaat” and giggle. From Danny’s inheriting two houses after finding himself left with absolutely nothing to whatever comes. The conscious struggles of paying the rent and finding the new ridiculous way to make it, makes you feel terribly glad of those silly men. There is a lot of to laugh about, like the St. Andrew’s Eve’s treasure hunting story.

But it’s not always about laugh and fun. Sometimes it makes your heart beat in a sad pace, because of a dying baby story or this part about stealing the food for a poor family. I think that is the thing that makes me the most happy of this book. It’s sweet and sour like a wine of Mexican paisanos.

Besides, I love Steinbeck. It makes me happy just to read whatever he wrote.

06. A book that makes you sad

Harry Potter and This Part In Which Sirius Black (beware of spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet read the HP series) Dies.

Whoops. If you haven’t read the series, I am sorry but this story is fucking sad as hell. I am a part of Potter generation, I admit it, even though I’ve read my first book of the series late, since when I was 11 or 12. You know this feeling, don’t ya? I was being hurt together with Harry, felt like an outside and then felt so much proud and joy of this guy. I was head over hills with the time when we may discover that he had some family after all, in the third book of the series. I did loved Sirius with all my Pottered heart. He was perfect, because he was part of the family (*cough*and maybe since in my imagination he was much more handsome than in the movies*cough*)

And then he was gone.

So suddenly!

With this scene you could literally hear my heart braking. I seriously do not care about anything else that happened there. I couldn’t make myself read it at first but then when I was done with this part I just felt genuinely sad. For the first of very few moments in my life a book made me feel not only sad but hurt. Badly.

I know I may seem like exaggerating, but you know that teens feel everything twice as harsh as it seems to be, so I am very proud of myself that after all this book has only made me sad and not burst in tears, like, forever. (/spoiler)

You know what, after giving it some thinking I guess, all of those books in this series have made me sad at some point. I will still give it to read to any child in my family (beware all the nieces and nephews, ha! I will be a cool book smuggling auntie. Just like my aunt is.)

07. A book that makes you laugh

I expected having some more trouble while answering this one, but I’ve just remembered The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Galaxy and smiled unintentionally. I mean, wow, this book really does make me laugh, and I am not even the biggest sci-fi fan!

What makes me so happy about THGTG? It’s crazy, it’s funny, it asks important life questions, like the following:

Also, as one of the very little science fiction books I’ve read so far, it explains why it’s always the human race, which is getting destroyed (apparently, because we are morons and since bureaucracy is evil). On top of that, what  you get is a depressed humanoid, grumpy OS, Space, a lot of Space, some Beverly Hills worth drama and hella lot of fun. Finally you see that 42 is an answer to everything and you know how universe was created. How can this not make you laugh at all?!

Everything that is said about the universe is spiced by such a generous and tasty humor of Douglas Adams, that you want to just hug this book and read it in your bed every time you feel like you hate humanity or you just preferred to live on another planet.

08. Most overrated book

Above all, 50 Shades Of Grey.

Let me tell you a thing or two about sexuality and eroticism from a point of view of a 20-something.** It’s important, but it’s complicated and it’s not just binary, like I give you this you give me that now put this here and we are done. It needs work, hard work with knowing yourself and being ok with yourself, like even on deciding what your orientation is. It’s fucking hard. Then it only gets more complicated with knowing whoever comes on your way and being ok with them too. It’s brilliant but it’s damn serious business. You may think that if this book is so open about sex that it will give you every answer you need. BEEP. Wrong.

And you know that porn isn’t that good after all, right?

50 Shmeids does not give you any important value added. It’s a very sad story about a girl who does not know herself and suddenly meets a guy who doesn’t know anything about himself either. You know  what you give when you add zero to zero? Well, I can assure you there will be no Goddesses dancing in your belly, as the main heroine suggests, more than twice. In fact, there will be no Goddess at all, because it’s a lame metaphor.

I am only glad about this book that after all it made many women being more open about their needs and sexuality and all of those things regarded as taboo before. However, I’ve heard a lot of opinions that it makes this book groundbreaking and innovating and fresh. Sorry, but there were a lot of 50 Shades of Shit before. This is called erotic fiction. Just check your nearby bookstore or library. I am sure there will be plenty more of such stories, not only the ones that blindly follows the 50 Stages Of Disaster.

Oh, and one more thing on books about sex. I know that people when want to read about sex do not want to just fall asleep while reading some fluffy romance or being bored to death by medical details. It’s just it doesn’t have to be a book full of false ideas and paper representations of intercourse. Everyone has a right to like whatever they want if it doesn’t hurt anyone else, but this book just hurt, literally, when it shouldn’t be doing so.

09. A book you thought you wouldn’t like but you ended up loving.

I think at some time in my college I just had too much books to read in too short a time. It made me feel grumpy and choosy about all the things I had to read, and I wasn’t really the first class reader, to tell you the truth. But my personal Will said that The Collector is worth a try, since it appeared on my reading list in British lit classes anyway. I made a leap of faith and I was not disappointed at all. Best reading of my 2nd year.

Before you tell me I am a weirdo for liking book about drunks, murders and psychos and you leave this blog with a wild idea for not coming back again, let me tell you a thing. The Collector was a hard one to bite. Not because you see the growing obsession of Clegg about Miranda and you have a very bad feeling that nothing can be done about that. It was a difficult read because it was probable. The probability of such stories makes you puke or love it. I think I ended in a win situation, but it wasn’t an easy way. And it needed a magic trick.

What I love about reading books the most is observing their structure. Here comes the magic: as soon as you realize the structure is the most fun point of The Collector it makes it much more better. Suddenly, you see the parallel between both characters’ narrations and those sweet little tasty details that make them unique. You realize there are references to Shakespeare, the conflict of perceiving innocence, and so much more problems to tackle left by Fowles.

10. A book that reminds you of home

The last one in this part is the book that reminds me of warm May evenings when I was in my middle school. I used to lay in bed with my window straight open and hear all the evening insects sing with frogs. There I was, cuddling to my pillow and reading the adventures of Mr. Baggins. The Hobbit is my memory of home.

Yes, yes, like we all did.

It was especially nice to read this one and imagine all the Middle-earth like it was right around me. I’ve spent my childhood in a most brilliant and astonishing area I’ve seen in my life. So close to nature and mountains, just now I feel how lucky a kid I was. It was totally acceptable for me as a teen to project the world created by Tolkien on the landscapes I’ve already knew and ran through, on the hills I’ve tumbled down as a kid and the lone roads I was exploring on my bike trips. I could smell the grass of the Shire because for me, it smelt like the leaves of grass I felt under my own feet every summer morning.

Hobbit was a magical travel for me around the world that reminded me of home. Even if it was full of scary places like the abandoned mountain with a terrible dragon, Elves’ prison or spiders’ forest. But you know, it teaches you so many precious things anyway. Like always keep good people by your hand, or staying in is not that fun at all, or just do not go to a freaking forest full of spiders. Anyway. It always reminded me of home somehow.

I must buy myself a copy someday.


*Especially, when your alter ego is a crazy writer. Too.

** hi, mom.


4 thoughts on “book meme [1-10]

  1. Ten post wzbudza we mnie dużo pozytywnych uczuć ❤ pojazd po 50 Shades! Collector [kiedy już zdążyłam zapomnieć o tej traumie xdd]! Harry Potter [myślałam o tej samej odpowiedzi na to samo pytanie XD]! Harris!
    I w ogólę lubie jak mnie nazywasz your personal Will, wiem, że to już pisałam, ale ogólnie jestem przeszczęśliwa po tym jak kilka godzin spędziłam nad pracą i mam ochotę obsypywać wszystkich kwieciem z tego powodu że już nie muszę 😛 /noone cares

    Bardzo mi się podoba co napisałaś o Heat Wave – jak czytałam te kolejne części to widzę, że generalnie Frozen Heat ma najciekawszą fabułę, ale jednak przy żadnej się tak dobrze nie bawiłam jak przy pierwszej. Ma świetny klimat i dobrze dawkuje napięcie [i są świetne sceny łóżkowe, nie zapominajmy XDD].

    Wstyd się przyznać, ale nie czytałam jeszcze Autostopem przez galaktykę – ale zaraz sobie zanotuję, że mam to obczaić 😉

    • Nom, not sorry, teraz trudniej inaczej po tym jak zmieniłaś sobie ikonke na skype.

      Hahah, no nie mogło się obyć bez pojazdu po 50 Szmejds, bo to naprawdę książka jak ulał w kategorii overrated.

      No i cóż, polecam Autostopem, bo jest naprawdę fazowa.

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