what else is there?

Actually, since this blog hasn’t seen a nice, proper entry for a while, only flash fiction and memes, it’s a question we may all ask, right?

I tried to take a break from writing. Easter time, good moment to take a leap of faith. A lot to do and eat. Concentrate on cooking. Avoid paper and PC screen. Here insert Mission Impossible’s theme. Yes, exactly THIS theme that you hear in your head now. Dum, dum, dumdum. Did I succeed?

Quoting some Oscar unrewarded role, “Absolutely fucking not.”

I mean, is there anyone who believed in a different ending? I congratulate to you sir/madame for being that naive.

Plot twist: actually, I had one day of doing absolutely nothing [connected with writing], which was Friday and I wish that my every Friday was so cool and chill. I swear I did not even touch a pen. Instead I touched a lot of printed paper. My mom bought this new Elisabeth Gilbert’s book, Signature Of All Things. I haven’t finished it yet, but I must say, I am a bit confused by the story for now. Maybe my feels will get more clear by the end. Hope so.

But then, as a well-mannered addicted person, I came back to my habit. The worst of which I call, “You don’t have it planned but you write it anyway.” I don’t have the Chilton’s musical planned at all. Okay, a little I do. Like just the frames, but not the actual plot and acts. Why would I write it if I had it planned, like The Play? Right?

So I wrote one lyrics. And then another.

So far it ended with two of them but I hope I could concentrate on other things. I promised myself to write anything for one contest I’ve found lately, which has it’s deadline in the middle of June. I want to sent in something before I have to concentrate more on Uni stuff. But I don’t have anything in my head, even without a plan. Too little coffee!

Besides, for the whole week I was like, yeah, Easter, finally, I can concentrate on my thesis, and not a single fuck was given either. I am confused by my brain, really.Kinda.

A lot.

I can bet, I won’t end up writing none of them tomorrow, because, just look at me right now. Huh.

I shall blame the weather. I will, totally. It gave me half a day long thunder today. I will totally blame the weather.


2 thoughts on “what else is there?

    • Yea, damn weather, it was so nice in the morning and then it got rainy and thunder and finally cold. April. I need to move to some warm place someday.

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