feels kinda like college

I can’t  believe a day is not longer than 24h. Lately I’ve taken up some extra work and when I have to wake up around 6am almost everyday I suddenly realize I don’t remember like half of a day. I think it feels kinda like college.

I know, I am getting nostalgic again, but still you know how much I care?

So lately I was just going home after a long day and I thought that seriously, this is exactly what the college prepared me for. All those sleepless working nights and waking up with the city lights still on. Of course, now I got older and lazy and I want to sleep till 8am and do not go out before nine, but I still feel this weird marathon-kinda power that gives you strength to do some work even if I come home all wining and grumpy about how I cannot do anything more today.

I mean, look at this. I am writing! Now! *crazy evil laugh*

Lately I found out why I am so positive nostalgic about college years. I am so happy I do not have to do this anymore. Do you know what was the first thing I did after my BA exams? I came back home, I sat on the toilet and laugh hysterically. Yes, I was drunk, sleepy and the sun was way to heavy that day. But a year after I remember I was feeling sick so I lied down and I laughed again just by realizing that, somehow, in the middle of a week, it is possible just to lie down if you feel bad. Not because you had too much work and needed to stay up late. Not because you need to stay up late to do some more work after you’ve spent almost 12h at school. And especially not because you are making up for sleep loss from last week. How fucking cool is that?

Just to say, don’t mind me wrong. Probably college years are the best years of our lives but it doesn’t mean they are not creepy, scary, too much everything and that one cannot overreact during 8th or 9th consecutive exam in a week. I hope that every college freshman will overreact a little, cry, feel amazed by reading his new favorite book, dead tired or feel like shit because of a stupid prof, because those are the very moments one feels alive.

That’s it. Also, that’s my motivation to write a coming-of-age story soon. A nice, decent, feminist one. Someday for sure.


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