cliches, graduating, and other things that follow to death

You know what are things I hate? Who care, right? Well, if you care, then you may know that it’s especially when I get my ebook stores newsletter and the banners say “Read [here insert an unknown title] – it’s exactly like [here insert a popular title]”.

Go, try this thing. It’s just like a light sword.

I do understand that the ultimate goal of writing a book is to sell it, but I feel like this marketing loses something on the way. I mean, if I were to publish my book, I wouldn’t like it to be advertised as “2nd Game Of Thrones” or idk “Polish Bridget Jones” etc. I know this kind of marketing has a certain purpose, and it’s easy to use a fanbase already created, but for God’s sake, why would one work their asses out to write a “2nd 50 Shades Of Grey”?

It is a serious dilemma, btw, on more than just one level, if you think about it.

But let’s not. Better not. Eww. Sorry if you did already. (or am I…?)

Anyway, the other things that drives me mad are cliches. I know, what the hell, couldn’t I chose something more frustration-oriented, like pigeons or Sephora salesmen? Not really, no. You see, there are different cliches, but among all of them there is always this one kind, the kings and queens of banality, that are coming of age comedies ideas on graduation.

Since I am *trying to* graduating this year, I have a lot of thoughts on this lately, and I’ve discovered what is the underlying problem of graduating cliches in movies or YA fiction. In many cases, they are an effect of just one effort. Idk, be it a case won, a change caused, a project finished. One battle at a time. And if you ever were a student, like me, you all do know best that the graduation is never an outcome of only one battle. Some of them we win, many of them we lose, but the cliche shows only one process and it really makes me mad.

The best is, in contrary to the graduating cliche, it is rarely about what you did that matters. Look at yourself, anyone can get a degree, truly. But the thing that makes you graduating is the change of perspective, a little bit more thinking on everyday basis. Why this cannot be the cliche?

Yes, it would still make me mad for being a cliche, but at least it would mean something.

I am just a frustrated simple-minded writer. Don’t look at me like that.


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