Fuckity fuck

I’m gonna be a grad.

Sooner or later, but I’m gonna be. That’s terrible.


Of course, it still means that I have a lot to do and to edit and rewrite with my shithesis, but just this week I’ve finished all my exams, what suddenly brought me to a realization that those were my last final exams in this grad school. Oh my God. *sipping wine nervously*

I guess that must be some defendant tactics for me to turn towards a lot of new MOOCs. I did not have time for the Game Design one, which is really too bad.  Though, maybe they will reopen it soon and I will find an hour or two weekly for this. So far I’ve found some more MOOCs about writing fiction and feminism in politics, so I am gonna stay with that. Especially with writing, since I’ve promised my listeners to renew creative writing workshops which we had last summer. So, yea, I need some new inspiration, and I am already glad to take a glimpse at this course on Future Learn, because it gave me some ideas on how to break the blank page barrier and some good ideas for stories. I really enjoy learning about writing, so I hope those courses will give me more skills to teach my young listeners some more on this.

I’ve also found one course on forensics, also on FL, so, you know. Sake of research.

I’m impressed they can teach that online.

I saw that there was a course on journalism too and I think I will attend it as well. It starts in September so still a lot of time, but anything that makes me be a better journalist would be nice. Actually, I would make a good journalist writer too, at least as I search through various job applications in this area.

Like, lately I saw a job application for some Buzz feed-alike service regarding writing articles for men’s section. I was seriously gonna send a text or two, just to find out, how manly my masculine part of myself can be, but as soon as I took a closer look at the texts proposed, I needed to take my hands down. The suggested title of an application text was “Why is whiskey better than vodka”. I mean, I don’t want to offend anyone, but clearly, whoever is editing this service’s men’s section has no idea about life. Whiskey is not manly. And it’s absolutely not better than vodka. Yes, sorry to all of you, Jack Daniel’s drinkers and T-shirt wearers, especially in your teenage years. Whiskey is never better than vodka, that’s the manliest thing you can learn in this part of the world. Let me put it this way: whiskey is an old hag, vodka is a fire.  Of course, vodka will apparently make you feel guilty or do a lot of stupid things, and often the closer image of a vodka drinker you get is an old drunk pissing in your elevator, but I must say: all in my life I haven’t seen a man in my family drinking whiskey, like “Hum, hum, hum, and now let me grow my beard, build a house and chop some wood after I sink my face in a blended malt.” If you don’t believe me ask Hugh Laurie, he is even gonna tell you why Polish vodka is the best one.

Current life plan: graduate, be manly, drink vodka and find an additional job or internship for summer.



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