Final frontier

This one time me and my roommate were taking some quizzes from some paper, because we are adult, and this one question that was asked was more or less like “Do you do anything to improve your life?” I guess almost immediately I’ve replied, “Well, I wake up each day to improve my life, don’t I?”. Just between you and me, isn’t that the case after all? I don’t believe a person can go backwards if they do anything. Well, you may be stuck, but it is quite hard to go back to previous states (look: ageing). Apparently, as it turns out, improvement is not such an obvious issue with modern society.

I don’t think even Will would know the answer.

Imagine my surprise as I was learning for my last exam and the text I was reading with each and every paragraph tried to convince me that people nowadays are lazy, non-inventive and way above irresponsible. At first I was like, “Duh, someone hasn’t got a kickstarter,” but then I gave it a thought or two and… got to pretty much the same conclusion. However, answering a question at classes on “How may we [residents of Europe] improve our life?” was quite a challenge. I scratched my head, stretched my fingers and went with “Well, maybe if we found our own frontier…?”

“But you know, Americans had their frontier, the land. Sooner than later they moved it so far it was gone in the ocean.” the lecturer said. “Europeans do not have a land to conquer anymore.”

“Sure we do not, and  probably never will. Though, you can find frontiers in other areas, like they transferred it to military and later to modern technologies.”

Well, later I come up with a really stupid idea to find a frontier in green technologies, but even I could not find it the most convincing. Anyway, I’ve realized that the idea of a frontier is quite a thing that stuck to me during college days and I guess after all it could be used in that case. Actually, even in every case.

What I mean is, look at yourself, look at your friends or families, maybe favorite characters in books or tv. Everyone has a personal frontier. Probably, for each and every one of us it is a very different thing and it is possible that most of us still do not know exactly where their frontier is settled. Like me, sometimes I think that my frontier is in getting a vast knowledge on very diverse topics, but maybe it lies somewhere in storytelling or creating and developing  things? If I won’t push forwards, I would never know, so maybe it’s worth trying? If you don’t push, you do not improve after all. (great tip for women in labor, btw)

So, as I think of it, in a more social spectrum: maybe there would be a frontier that all of the Europeans can find as a common one? I suppose it won’t be green technology, after all, but there must be something. There is something, because people are not that lazy and insecure of asses, as some may suggest. And maybe it won’t hurt to find out what our own frontiers are. Just for the sake of curiosity.



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