I really have better things to do

And yet I am sitting here, sipping on my non-alcoholic radler (why do they even make them?) and writing an entry. A nice, decent one. You know, some words. lines, paras and a lot of this annoying “tap tap tap” sound, as I hit the “Backspace” button harder than I am supposed to.

Gosh that sounds so hipster I should probably grow a beard and go chop some wood while drinking a Starbucks.


I just really do not feel like filling all the work documents and other shit. I don’t even feel like writing but I really want to continue with my novel and other things. I should also start planning my this month con panel and probably get my shit together on the radio stuff.


Seriously, all I want to do is to sleep. Last night I was so tired I fell asleep after maybe 2 minutes. I woke up late today and then went to sleep like 6h later. One year I was taking a lot of weird medicines and that was making me almost that sleepy – now, I have no idea what’s going on. Thankfully, I don’t drive a car.

Lately I cannot buy my oat flakes in a local grocery. I was in a supermarket just the other day and they did not have them either. What the hell? Come on, everyone use oat flakes, they are like the most common thing ever. You can eat them with milk or yogurt or mix them with cake or bake a bread with it. Still, they don’t sell this thing lately. Like, seriously, I will need to go to a store which is a bit more far away only because I cannot buy a bag.

So, the summer kind of began. I say “kind of” since it welcomed us in here with low temperatures and a lot of rain. I don’t say it should be like +36*C all the time, but it could be a bit warmer. And I wouldn’t mind it at all if I took some time for a short holiday. Maybe it’s gonna be easier in August. No, I don’t think attending a con is a holiday opportunity. It’s fun and all but all I dream about is some quiet warm place, a lot of sun and a nice book to read.

Damn it. I cannot even decide on what I want to read.

I feel a little like  a mess. Must be the thesis exam effect.




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