I’ve got a new job, visited my ex-town and did something bad to my knee. That’s the short version of what is going on lately. Now the long version.

I’ve also did my best in becoming a cup artist.

I am really happy of getting a new job, though, it is still new and confusing therefore :P.  It’s going to be a hard week of me trying to get used to a new place and new rules of the game. The weather does not make it any easier, since it’s terribly hot this part of the month, but it did not let us get cold during the weekend either.

I’ve been to an anime convention then. It was fun, but I haven’t had a mattress so I guess I’ve must have strangled my knee while sleeping on the cold floor, or, anyway, there must be something connected with this extreme sleeping mode. My leg is killing me, even though, I have some ointments and I bandage it all the time, it still gets tired very easily. Fortunately, it’s enough to put some more ointment or just to sit down to make it better. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of walking daily and I’ve did not make it easier after the con while walking through my ex-town.

Although, the walk was pretty nice. The Sun was trying to fry us up crispy, but I’ve managed to get through Katowice and even meet with my oniisan. His new apartment is so cool. Incredibly cozy and well-organized, as for a city center. That’s the thing I actually liked about living in Silesia: it’s not so hard to get an apartment near the very downtown. Still can’t get through all the traffic craze they are having there rn, but we’ve managed to get a ride on a vintage tram! Surprisingly enough, it was more spacious than the trams they are having there nowadays.

I’ve started reading something new to get my muses back to work. My mom sent me this The Universe Versus Alex Woods book and I have to say, it’s pretty nice. I love the writer’s voice: it’s so easy to get and simple to enjoy. The whole story, about a boy who got hit by a meteorite, is very crazy and tangled and it’s such a joy to get through it. Oh I hope my own novels will be that good someday. Also, I hope this reading will really help my writing, hah. I need to get to work!  Harder.



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