someday I will write a nice story

I am already writing quite nice stories, you know. They are not bad, I think. But, you know, someday I will write a nice one! For real.



And no, I am not a genius-novel writing kind of person. Not even a little. Though I know that I need a boost on self confidence and I am the first person to provide it to myself.

You know how I will do it? First of all, my brain is a pinata of ideas, that’s the thing we all know from the beginning. Maybe sometimes it doesn’t listen to me and does not store all of the thoughts as it’s supposed to, but they are always somewhere around. Of course, if I plan them thoroughly it’s easier to come back to them, like The Play idea (yes I still haven’t finished it after a year, idk y).  Anyway the ability to switch between stories cannot be anything different than useful. At least let me believe that.

Also, I think that my style and voice aren’t that bad. My grammar may not always be the best, but that’s the thing I am constantly working on. Sometimes when I try to edit my writing I feel like someone should put me to jail for being a serial syntax killer. Well, let’s put it this way: I am still searching for my voice in English, though it must take some time regarding that it is not my mother’s tongue.

Secondly, or thirdly, about the ideas again, who knows better of a life of a sole woman than I do. Trust me, there is nothing of Bridget Jones in my coming of age. Yes, I agree, basing the novels on your own experience is not a good idea as a rule, but screw rules. Also, growing up without any serious romantic commitments is not that bad at all, and maybe there is a need for novels about girls who, after all, do not really get what they wish for – and it is not the end of the world, for fucks sake. We really need books like that.

That brings to my attention that I know quite a lot about contemporary chick lit and all the reasons why I cannot stand this genre. I know the tools of the genre very well, maybe that’s the way to turn the tables and to write a thing that would be a total opposite of all those hated cliches and cheap plot twists. I don’t want to say that chick lit is particularly wrong, but maybe girls deserve better. Duh. Must be.

So, whichever-number-goes-here-ly, maybe I have this urgent feel of being clear in terms of coming of age literature. Even if it may seem quite foolish. Well, it definitely seems like so. However, I don’t think I should care. I just want to write a good story and I will. This way or another.



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