constantly challenging

Another year passed as I dusted this beautiful piece of Internet yet once again. I lack a good explanation for me not updating this place too frequently. Let it be an end of the year nostalgia or a simple punch of good, old procrastination – well, if all I did was that perfect, there would not be any place for improvement in this new year of 2015, would there be?

The more I cleaned in here, the more surprised I grew on how those months were actually quite a rough and crazy of a ride.  And I know my yearly promise is to kick my own ass even more than the last time I’ve said that, but this is the first time I feel fine about it.

Well, not THAT cold blood calm, but close enough.

First of all, I need to say that I am glad of myself writing more than ever through last year. Maybe it was another year of me not finishing my own novel (not to mention publishing) and The Play (damn), but I did quite well. It was good to finally realize that I must write, just as much as I need to breathe, so, the powers of logic could not bring me down after all. I just needed to know I am a writer, and to get it said loud. Well this has not took me to the top on the other hand, but definitely made me climb some mountains this year.

Since as I believe, one can’t write if they don’t learn how to read, I have also lost myself in as many books as I could possibly process at once. Which was quite enjoyable itself, but also made me find a common ground with my parents and that’s quite something. Besides, it took me to quite a few fun ideas on storytelling, and gifted with some great tools. That’s quite cool about getting so much reading at once: you don’t ask for all those great ideas, they just find their own way to you, if being shown a right channel.

I’ve also managed to get some more time for gaming and it’s wow. I mean, the whole free time idea is magnificent. Like lately I’ve realized this is going to be the first winter in 5 years time I do not have to write any exams. What are other people doing with all this time?

Finally, from all the lands I knew it was good to sail my ship to some new waters as well. I’ve felt the bad and good winds hitting my skin and tousling my hair. I’ve felt the ship rocking so hard it did not let me sleep at night, but I’ve sailed all the way ahead. And all of this while being a good teacher, good friend, fabulous cook, a hard working writer and just a person.

And you know what I think?


So, yea, watch me kick my own ass yet once again, 2015.


5 thoughts on “constantly challenging

  1. Identyfikuję się z tym kawałkiem o pisaniu xd co prawda mam na koncie bardzo mało, i to fanfiction a nie twórczość własną, ale inaczej mi się tworzy od momentu jak zaczęłam myśleć, że to nie jakiś jednorazowy wybryk mózgu tylko Coś, Co Mogę Robić Dalej Bo Jest Fajne 😉
    Życzę na nowy rok dużo weny ❤ i zgłaszam się na betowanie wszystkiego!

    • Aww dzięki ❤ Jesteś moim najlepszym beta readerem, więc nie uciekniesz :D.

      Btw, fanfiction to też własna twórczość, tyle że postaci już się zna, ale to nie znaczy, że nie potrafią już niczym zaskoczyć.

  2. I, too, have trouble updating consistently. I hope your novel comes along! You mention it a lot, making me all the more curious. heh heh

    • Well, I saw in your last entry that you too had quite a busy time lately, so don’t worry. As I’ve mentioned above, there must be some room for improvement in everyone’s life after all, right?

      The best thing about writing this novel is that I am also very curious on finishing it, hopefully this year.

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