too much choice

I’ve made a quite an insane promise to myself that I will made myself into writing at least three hundred words a week in here. I know, right? You are probably asking yourself, is she in a need of a death wish, or what? Nope. I just need to keep reminding myself on how the shit is done my way. And the truth is, after all, it always brings down to writing words down. As simple as it is. Also, the fact that I haven’t wrote anything decent in quite a time makes me quite upset and it is a high time to clue my ass down to the chair and write a thing.


Ok, I feel much better after throwing some crap on myself. Now, let’s focus on important things. My self-organization sucks a lot lately, so maybe getting more regular can make it easier. I have a feeling like I could do much, much more if I only could get myself into actually doing things. I know, it is important to wonder around sometimes and let thing be, but those stories are not gonna write themselves, obviously, and I need to find time to take care about them. Finally.

What else? I think I could make use of some MOOCs, so lately I am trying to find something fun, coding-related. Big Data courses are extremely popular lately, but each time I see them I ask myself, do I really want to spend my free time again staring at numbers and correlations? I don’t mean it is an opposite of ‘fun’ part, but I already had that experience and I think I could do better. Also, since I finally got financially, more or less, stable, I could save some money on side and even go for a charged course once. Though, there are also a lot of thing I would love to come back to, e.g. literary theory or American literature, so maybe I could chose something like that on a side? You can’t even imagine how many opportunities are there nowadays, unless you start searching for an online course.

Also, I’ve started running lately. It haunted me down like a Nightmare stag, srsly. I’ve even dreamed of running at one point! That was crazy and, of course, I was much faster in my mind that I really am, but, you know, this is not about speed, fortunately. It’s about taking small steps, getting through in small chunks. Sometimes it is also about Mr Cat who I meet in the morning a few blocks away. Anyway, it’s much more cool than I expected it to be and I am glad I’ve did that. I would like to say it’s always good to try something new but I used to run when I was in high school, so it is a nice come back. Better late then never. I guess.*

* tell it to all my scripts lol


2 thoughts on “too much choice

  1. Definitely better late than never! Who knows, maybe running will make you more willing to sit down and write more? :0

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