on my way

Days got slightly more tropical hot lately, so it makes me wonder about how I used to deal with that when I was not stuck in ACed offices. I think I could spend some time just with a good book and a lot of iced coffee and maybe some writing, You may imagine this is my holiday model, but it’s rather unusual when I think of that, since the last time I had a holiday of that kind was when I was somewhere in the middle of my senior university years. Do you think it was that happily bohemian? Let me tell you one thing.

On the other news, do I have a Hannibal related gif for every situation? Yes!

When I think of my last holidays now I think that they were quite miserable, to say at least. I had no idea what to do with my life so I was doing whatever I could to stay alive, like reading or working as a radio host. I had nowhere else to go ’cause I could not afford staying away from home. Also I had no money and no perspective on such, just because. The only good thing was that I was very determined so I’ve spent most of it on doing my first ever writing job, but when I step aside and take a broader look at that, it seems like it was not as much a job for money but for keeping myself sane.

My luck knows no borders when it comes to people, thank gods. Being a half-jobless, anxious and a very lost student would be much worse of a terror if I did not have a bunch of awesome friends and family around me. Maybe I am not the heart of the party kind of person, but I know that even I, myself, won’t keep it long with nothing but books and papers around you. Not if there was anything wrong with that. Let’s be clear, I did not sacrifice my college years for majoring in English to now have problems with solitude or talking descriptive grammar late at night.

All in all I must say, I don’t miss my last long summer holidays, but I don’t think it was a time wasted. If I only I sunbathed a little more.


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