the heat

So the heat is still a thing. It really does not grant any mercy on us, but, on the other hand, as long as it will save me listening to people be like “You remember last summer? It was awfully rainy” I am all in. So, no fresh air? Buildings melting? Sidewalks remaining more of a frying pan than actual ground?


Actually, I do, because I imagine my crime story to be set in an exact hellishly hot summer like the one we are having now. That is why I am trying to store as many observations on the heat as it can be possible.

First of all, I think I haven’t noticed it last year, but the air is not moving. At all. I was sure it’s not much possible, but then I’ve seen a pigeon’s feather falling down in a perfect 180* fall. Also, the only real way to breathe is to get into an ACed place or to have really strong wrists and a fan. And possibly a third hand available. There are just days you cannot find a window to open that would bring any fresh air inside.

One would think that if the air is not making any movement, men would follow, but to my amaze, people just cannot be destroyed. I was sitting on a bunch by the bus stop on Saturday, everything around me was melting down, and yet I saw a runner, totally chilling his jogging route. I totally get it, on one hand, everyone has their activity time set in their biological clock but, omg, this must have been one hell of a run. Literally.

I got hot just looking at this poor guy and he was not even handsome.

Fun tip here, folks: you know how they say never go out without a bottle of water? I would claim, never leave your house without a fan. I don’t care if you can hide it in your bag or have to carry a heavy one, it’s just life saving.

Surprisingly enough, not all the offices are actually stock with ice cubes. That’s another thing I can use. Thor bless the air conditioning, when it is actually working, but there is no way you will find enough ice to make an iced coffee. Never. I have no idea what is exactly happening with all the ice that’s being bought, I imagine some wild parties in the bathroom after hours, but, and that’s for sure, if you want to get some ice, you can always look deep into the darkness of some cases’ hearts and you will find it. Add some sugar and instant coffee and bam, you have a frappe.

The heat also brings types of rain you did not know existed. The scale goes from no rain at all, through sand storm (like, for real!) and a 3-4 h long thunder after which you would expect the air get a bit colder, but it’s only more wet, heavier and still extremely hot. At first you wonder what might have happened to all the clothes left drying out at the balcony, but after you recognize the air being no better than in the morning, you decide just not to care anymore.

Finally, heat has its good sides, you know? It means no freaking bugs, because no bug can live in that temperature, and they cannot fly in the air stiff like a wooden block. Also, you can go out late and not to worry about taking a spare blazer or anything with you, unless you can make them into a paleo.

The only thing I wish by now is to see the heat’s climax, because so far it seems like they would last forever. And I cannot wait to see all my characters dealing with it as well. I wonder, who’s gonna be the jogging guy and who is going to be the bug.


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