I am glad to admit I spent most of my holidays, short as they were, lying in the sun with coffee and books. Of course, I did not get suntanned, because my skin kind of forgot how to tan, but it was a time well spent. First of all, I’ve finally lied my hands on that latest Lackberg’s novel that I’ve kept in my ebooks and could not really get into it properly. Also, I got a few books to read from my auntie and this pile of Wonder Woman comics to get through, so I was stuffed with things to keep me entertained. But, most and for all, I am really glad that I had a time to just sit down and enjoy some time in my parents’ garden.

It appeared to me by surprise I have never spent that much time in the garden as this week. I really like it, but I wouldn’t say it’s because of aesthetics. I don’t want to say it is not a nice garden, it’s pretty cute. My mom calls it “English style”, though, my sister is rather using the word “messy”. I would say, both are quite true, because there are a lot of things which are, at the same time, happening and not. For example, there are a lot of fruit trees, because it used to be a part of a terrain full of apple trees, so there are also plum trees, cherries and whatsoever, but, they rarely give any fruits.

Maybe besides lilac, but it goes just crazy each summer.

The best thing about a garden of your own is, as I guess, you are the one to decide what it is and what it’s not, unless the grass is too high and it just make a decision your place. There is a part of the garden quite in the back of the area where it’s quite obvious a man must have made any thing, because there is a fence, but the trees and bushes got so dense and high as they were trying to show you that the border between humans and the rest of the nature is right here. Obviously, it does not matter much if the neighbors are right by the other side of the fence, but I don’t argue with trees.

So I was lying in the very middle of the garden, chilling out, and when I got tired of the book I tend to observe the sky. I believe my family is rather lucky to have such a nice garden in the middle of mountains. One can see nothing but forests and little ant-sized houses if they feel an urgent need to change the focus from your own place to a not so wide horizon. Even though there aren’t really any people in the view, and the mountains are rather wild I think this place makes one feel safe enough.

There must be a very thin line between feeling at home in the wild and feeling hostile as there is between grounds and the sky in my parents’ garden.


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