signed, sealed, delivered

There are many things I miss if I don’t write for too long, but no mad hours spent by my blogs or stories, may possibly make up for the thrill of writing letters.

I was lucky enough, on the top of having an enormous load of free time spent on writing in my teens, to have friends who actually shared my interest in writing on paper. Mind we’re talking early 2000s here and rarely anyone had an access to Internet connection fast enough to keep a lively message exchange. Yeah, sure, I used to keep a silly blog of my own, but to really keep some contact with my friends it was easier to actually glue your ass to a chair and hand to a pen and start writing!

I found a lot of old letters in my desk lately and I must admit it felt quite nostalgic. Actually when I think of it, it’s quite funny since my best friends of early teen years were living no further than 10 kms away, and I have never wrote a single letter later to any of my other friends who were living siginificantly further than that. So, I was just brushing my teeth a minute ago and figured out there are a few reasons why it felt much more fun back then:

  • early teens is a weird age in which one is afraid of everything and nothing at once but both these categories appear equally important
  • in a world with no personal phones (yet, however I remember getting my first cellphone in early middle school) it was easier to share secrets via letters than comonnly accessible house ladndline . Also, I wasn’t meeting my friends during summer that often after all.
  • hence writing letters was a great way to keep being sociable when not socializing much at all! Devoting your time to write a letter means you really care and getting a reply is a nice way to say “we’re still cool even if I can’t see your face every other schoolday”. But that’s why you add photos for.

I must say, the first memory of writing that I have is my mom, sitting at our kitchen table, writing letters to our grandma. I was usually spying on her, trying to copy her handwriting in order to write my own letters.. which was often ending up with me being scolded for peeking, though, you know, I couldn’t write, not to say read?? Besides, if you ever seen my letters… you can only imagine my mom has a much better handwriting style.

Anyway, emails came and then the whole Internet of things and even though it’s absolutely fun to have Internet pen-pals, I think nothing can compare to exchanging paper. I hope I haven’t just grew out of it and a part of me is still good at letters. Maybe it’s just the experience of writing on a piece of paper that makes the difference? Or just anything written on paper seems more serious, be it even a shopping list. And with all wonders of 21st century I will always crave for some real life letters.


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