the worst companion of them all

I don’t get confused when people ask about my hobbies. It is not even hard to decide between them. I usually answer with no hesitation, that writing is the main one, even though it does not make people at a party shake their glasses in an excited way, as it would probably be once they’ve heard of your playing tennis on a skyscraper’s roof or idk travelling on foot through East India. They might be even right because here is what you get when you choose writing as your hobby. Or rather, when it chooses you.

You see stories everywhere. They are behind every invention, every new building, every old building and every fucking report or theory you will ever read. It always start with something small, like you can imagine what is happening between people sharing that house on the corner or what would happen if suddenly a hell opened their gates in the middle of your office space. Slowly it grows to each house on your way to work having a different story (which you develop simultaneously) and actually checking how many floors of a skycraper would get into hell and who would give money to build an elevator that high and that deep at once.

The crave for a perfect first sentence is strong. You know it’s a harsh game but worth playing. Funny enough, your favorite opening sentences are rarely those of your readers, but you never know when they come to say that they loved how you’ve described this or that or if that or that thing gave them actuall chills.

Also, what you definitelly get is some kind of pleasure bringing back pain of hours and hours spent by your desk/PC/fav chair with notes all around you. You know it’s no good for your health (especially if you spend a lot time sitting at your day job/school), but you do it anyway, because when you sit there, the time stops.. or maybe it does go crazy because you’re working on a great sci-fi story or idk DW fanfic.

But here is a brief list of what you miss if writing is your main hobby:

  • piece of heart of what it is like when you’re not waiting for your proof reader’s opinion
  • piece of heart of not knowing how is it to freak out when you need to give na opinion as a proof reader
  • getting well slept as you skip half-awake writing up whatever you were dreaming about at around 3:30am (you know it’s a great story!)
  • being self confident at your writing skills as you’re not discovering in the morning that you cannot put a single sentence straight at 3:30am
  • not daydreaming about your book being sold in your local bookstore
  • and finally spending a little less time staring at blank pages or screens which are not moving to spend a bit more time to look on screens  which are actually moving a bit

But hey, who said it’s gonna be easy?




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