all the feels

I’ve heard lately that I don’t write too much about my feelings. Let me write all the feels down there so I don’t have to go over it again.

So how do I feel? I feel tired, because I had a long day and I am not over my cold in full yet. Nothing good is happening inside my nose and I still don’t hear too well, which makes the whole experience of a slight cold similar to be stuck inside a glass ball. At least it’s not spinning anymore – I am pretty sure I’ve rolled down the whole weekend and I do not recall anything about cooking my dinner on Saturday, which is kinda scary.

Hence, I feel my next running session is going to be a diseaster. I was not around and then I got sick so I hope my legs just remember the track.

I feel like high school was just around a year ago. Which makes me seriously terrified of a situation in which I would wake up one morning and it turns out nothing I know of last few years has happened. On the other hand, I don’t think I would change anything: friends, events, college of choice etc.; and I would definitely bite my hands off for not writing down any lottery numbers. So, yea, I wouldn’t try to make things different, but mostly because I am too lazy for that. Anyhow, that’s a nice idea for a short story. (I need to note that down)

I feel like I am waiting for spring for too long. I absolutely hate winter, if you haven’t figured it out already. Where are all the blooming trees and flowers and warm, sweet Sun? I know that April doesn’t mean in particular we’re gonna have a heat wave in here.. but we could have a bit!

I feel like I miss my pets and my parents and my hometown and air which is not highly polluted.

And finally I feel that I should write a bit more in here.


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