hakuna ma’insomnia

I am reading this book on sleep quality and sleep culture lately and, as far as I find it pretty ironic that it’s a good reading for sleepless nights, I have to admit, my sleeping patterns are quite fucked up at the moment.

Not sure why though. Wintertime has passed, which, again quite ironically, is my worst time for sleep. For some unknown reasons, snow makes me feel uncomfortable and I often find myself lying in bed at 4am, fully awake and aware of the cold. I am not going through any huge changes in my life right now and I am trying to do my best to go quite steady, get rest when I can and not to overload myself with work and idea. I don’t do any overthinking at night as well. So what the hell is going on? I’ve asked myself and decided to put some challenge on myself.

I’ve stared waking up early (like, really early, 6am or so). It was a terrible idea at the beginning because it made me mostly snooze the alarm every 10 minutes. I thought that what makes me dizzy is not being able to fall asleep early and then being unable to get up early but at some point it gets to no-win situation on both sides. So I wanted to help my brain a bit with teas and other sleeping drinks (including wine, lots) and cutting off on coffee in the afternoon. Again, not the best idea. Sure it makes it easier at the beginning but now I don’t even care if I drink those teas because if I don’t sleep.. I don’t.

At some point I was sure the change of scenery would help me sleep, but I find it terribly hard to sleep in my parent’s house lately and my best sleeping time was actually a weekend when I was sick and a bit unconscious for most of the Saturday. I don’t care of how trendy is to be a hot mess and I just hope I am not going to fall asleep on a bus stop someday soon.

I guess that means spring is coming.


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