random thoughts on nature of writing hobbies

If you do not bore people enough by revealing that writing is your hobby I would guess the 2nd base is the inevitable question of “So do you write like longer or shorter stuff?” To be honest, for me it’s like asking “Would you go for Chinese or Italian for dinner?”, by which all I hear is “Do you like food or food?”

 So I usually follow up with “I keep a couple of blogs” because : a) just one sounds a bit common and b) more than two makes it weird. Besides, I have never had more than 2 of such so I don’t even know it’s possible. And if any of blogs appear too dull, I can always skip between. Also, there is not too much to say about at least one of them as it’s more personal so, that would be like telling people that you keep a diary and you’ve made this awesome entry on how shitty was your last week and it really made you feel better.

Btw, I do miss writing a diary, occasionally.

That does not make me the best at selling my hobbies, maybe, but on the other hand, it’s not much of a spectacular thing. If they ever made championships at writing those would be the most boring things ever… more boring than snooker. I wonder if one would get additional points for coffee volumes or pauses for staring at a blank wall/by the window (superb important)… Anyway, sometimes if there is no golden medal for it, things do not appear that interesting anymore, do they? Though, we all know in here that this is no the reason for gluing your bottoms to chairs and hands to keyboards.

Maybe that’s why it’s not easy to talk about writing hobbies. After all, it involves a lot of itching madness feeling of your own voice narrating a word after a word after a word for you to put on a blank page. Sometimes, with  a lot of practice, good fortune and idk Mercury raising in Mars or other cosmic shit , it comes to a one decent sentence after another.It’s really mostly about finding the right words and putting them together. No too picturesque as gardening and not too heroic like triathlons. But does it make you feel better?

It definitely does for me.



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