the knowledge thing

I came back from my holidays and all I was doing was basically feeding on strawberries and literature and that was awesome. Up to the point when I actually refused to take part in reality of sweat and heat around me because the world of my books was so much better. And here I came back to lovely everyday struggles and news about yet another changes to education system. So I though, oh hell, I liked being a teacher so I can say a word or two.

I’ve experienced middle school and I’ve survived. I do not and did not at the time feel better or worse than other peers because I had this experience. What I remember is my head heavy of stress of the first big exam in my life and that leaving primary school made one feel more mature (for some unknown reason and also not applicable to my colleagues who removed a sink from a wall in a boys’ toilet). Things were not perfect or smooth, but when I realize that it was maybe 3 or 4 years into running middle schools at the time, so rarely anyone knew what to do anyway, it was far from a disaster. And yet what I hear is a middle aged overdressed lady saying middle schools ‘did not pass their exam’ in a voice which is an absolute voice of dull.

Not a single plan was given and suddenly people forget you need at least a year to prepare a transition of age groups into new categories. You cannot simply come back to old procedures because they are all dead by now as they should be by fucking 2016. No one knows how they want to classify kids’ abilities and knowledge now and, no, you cannot do it pre-2000 style, because no single parent wants their kids to go backwards. Sure, they want the best: less transition stress, stable foundations, clear situation and a bit less teenage whining every once in a while. I think a problem of many people around the world now is being so scared of the future that they are desperately trying to keep, or worse, bring back the past. Because it was better, you knew what to expect, you had it once so you know. You had it, it’s over and another one bites the dust*

So when I hear that any middle school idea did not pass any exam, whatever it can be, I cannot believe anyone can tell their people they did really really bad for last decade or more. Trust me, if creating new books, exams, school buildings and identities were bad than what is the right thing to do? And here comes another great idea: let’s put there more language and history lessons. How about sending your kids earlier to school than age 6-7 so they are not in the back in comparison to other kids in Europe? Or, you know, another crazy idea, let them do more science because what the world needs now and will need later is more innovators. Unless you don’t want for your people to be brilliant and make an impact in coming communities. I guess not.



*I had to do that.


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