you may all be wondering

You may all be wondering, well Ms A, where have you been? Well,  you will be delighted to hear I was doing absolutely NOTHING MUCH. I mean, I’ve wasted a lot of time on passive-aggressively trying to write some decent fiction but other than that, I was mostly trying to avoid any writing at all because, you know, books and things are addictive. I am talking about coffee, you little filthy people.

But no, mostly I was just being lazy.Which is good, sometimes. They say that being lazy actually expands your imagination. Which means I should be now create an equation for a brand new particle or sth but instead I’ve spent last two minutes on google, trying to figure out how to spell an “equation”.

Note to self: maybe no more physics books.

Though I did some good things like, I’ve returned to the screenwriting course or am learning how to code. Which put together sounds so much like a typical white girl new year’s new me cliche.Add there yoga pants and a book of smoothies and you will have it right on a plate. But you know, who cares?

Anyway, as a part of my own resolutions (was I the cliche? You will never know) I decided to lower my expectations. So, for example, I decided to write a blog note each 2 weeks, not each week because : a) it really doesn’t work for me b) I can’t promise to myself I will have time for this each week, not to mention to promise that to the readers c) I really have to get my shit together and write this way or another. The best proof for this would be me correcting the word “together” by now approx 100000000 times.

I am getting worried about my choice of work after this last sentence.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! Hopefully not all of the writing has died inside me yet.


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