the worst companion of them all

I don’t get confused when people ask about my hobbies. It is not even hard to decide between them. I usually answer with no hesitation, that writing is the main one, even though it does not make people at a party shake their glasses in an excited way, as it would probably be once they’ve heard of your playing tennis on a skyscraper’s roof or idk travelling on foot through East India. They might be even right because here is what you get when you choose writing as your hobby. Or rather, when it chooses you.

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signed, sealed, delivered

There are many things I miss if I don’t write for too long, but no mad hours spent by my blogs or stories, may possibly make up for the thrill of writing letters.

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the struggle of “I”s

As you remember I’ve acquired a new hobby of researching my most beloved genre in some different aspects or, as I like to call it, a better excuse to read more crime novels.

Though, does one really need an excuse to do so?

And you know how badly I love all of them, but as much as I enjoy them, I do struggle when it comes to the stories written in first person perspective. Actually, not only with mystery novels, but all novels at all. The more I read, the more ideas I get about this, really.

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