you may all be wondering

You may all be wondering, well Ms A, where have you been? Well,  you will be delighted to hear I was doing absolutely NOTHING MUCH. I mean, I’ve wasted a lot of time on passive-aggressively trying to write some decent fiction but other than that, I was mostly trying to avoid any writing at all because, you know, books and things are addictive. I am talking about coffee, you little filthy people.

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the knowledge thing

I came back from my holidays and all I was doing was basically feeding on strawberries and literature and that was awesome. Up to the point when I actually refused to take part in reality of sweat and heat around me because the world of my books was so much better. And here I came back to lovely everyday struggles and news about yet another changes to education system. So I though, oh hell, I liked being a teacher so I can say a word or two.

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